Debunking Myths About Fiberglass Windows

Friday, July 28th, 2017 by JR Pentolino

When you’re in the market for quality replacement windows, you’ll be faced with the decision of what material to choose. At ClearChoice Windows and Doors, Inc, we suggest that you consider fiberglass. It offers a sheer number of benefits for you and your home, such as energy efficiency and cost savings. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding it. We debunk its common myths to help you make an informed decision:

Myth #1: They Peel Over Time

While fiberglass gives you a wide array of color and finishes, it doesn’t need to be painted. In fact, it naturally resists UV rays without applying any finish. Painting would only be done to make it blend with your existing décor. An additional coating is then applied to ensure that your windows are made with care and quality. In turn, the paint won’t peel easily. If you want to update its appearance, you can repaint it whenever you like.

Myth #2: They Are Too New to Have a Proven Record

Compared with wood and vinyl, fiberglass windows are a more cost-effective option because of their unparalleled durability. Furthermore, they are dimensionally stable and have air cavities to allow the filling of insulation materials. With these qualities, you can enjoy a more efficient and comfortable home all year round.

Myth #3: They Crack Easily

False. In fact, no other window material can match the impact resistance of fiberglass. It is made to be eight times stronger than vinyl. Since it is impervious to harsh conditions, it has one of the lowest seal failures. Its performance and longevity highly depend on proper installation, so be sure that you work with a reliable contractor.

At ClearChoice Windows and Doors, Inc, we are proud to offer maintenance-free and energy efficient windows from Marvin®. Their strength has been proven through the rigors of industry testing, giving your home lifelong comfort and unique charm that you’ll enjoy for years. They come in a wide range of styles to meet your needs.

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