Above & Beyond Award: ClearChoice Windows & Doors

Monday, January 16th, 2017 by JR Pentolino

Costa Mesa, CA homeowner Mark Berger’s original aluminum single pane windows were not only unsightly, they were poorly suited for his busy street. “They were very noisy,” he explains, “so it was hard to sleep.”

When he hired ClearChoice Windows and Doors, Inc. to replace all ten windows, plus a sliding glass door and a side utility door with a pet door insert – all financed through the HERO Program – Mark was hoping to only take one day off of work. He was pleased when the crew got there on time, early in the morning. However, Mark explains, “It got to be about 6 o’clock and I could tell that the job wasn’t going to get completed [that day].”

JR Pentolino, owner of ClearChoice, explains what happened next. “When we have a situation like that, if at all possible, I jump in and get involved. So I hopped in my car and I came down. I assessed the situation, attitudes were good, everyone was feeling good – so we did it!”

As Mark shares, he was all for staying up late to get it done and was amazed that JR’s crew worked diligently until midnight that night. “I was happy that they were able to stay and get it all done in one day, so they did go above and beyond the call of duty. They did an excellent job, and that was the most important thing for me.”

So how are the windows working out? “I can definitely sleep much better because it’s so much quieter in here,” says Mark. “It’s made a huge impact!” He also notes that he loves both the look and increased energy efficiency of the new windows and sliding doors – and his dog Maya loves the doggie door!

When Mark learned about our Above & Beyond initiative, he knew he had to nominate ClearChoice, and both he and JR were excited when they were chosen. Says JR, “The HERO Program has been a tremendous part of my business, so to receive this award from HERO is just an amazing thing for us. We’re really thrilled.”

Mark has since inspired two of his neighbors to use HERO and ClearChoice! “I’m really happy about this program,” he says of HERO. “It’s one of the great programs I think that is out there right now that people should try and take advantage of.” Be sure to watch the brief video above.


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