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The new windows are wonderful – – Energy efficient and the house is so much quieter! We love our new windows and doors! But the windows can only be as good as the installers!! Marco Bugarin, the lead installer, is a perfectionist! He has a team that seems to know exactly what he needs without him saying a word! Everything was completed in two days, cleaned up, and perfect! I would highly recommend these windows but only if Marco Bugarin is the installer. He goes beyond what is necessary to make everything perfect!
Dolly F. of China Lake, CA
Thursday, June 28th
We just purchased a house, and it was a fixer-upper. We needed to do several things, and windows were at the top of the list. We hired ClearChoice to replace all 24 windows, a sliding glass door and an entry door and all of the interior doors. Everything turned out perfectly. The house has been much cooler and quieter. And they look great. The installers showed up on time, and got right to work. The job took four days, but they worked every day to get it all done.  And the work was flawless. The best part is that they put a pet door right in the glass of our sliding glass door. We used to have an insert that we put in the track of our old door. But we couldn’t really lock the door and it looked cheap. This new patio door went right into the glass of our new door, so our girls can go in and out as they please while our door stay safely locked. And it looks cool too.
Kristen W. of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Thursday, June 28th
I met them at the LA County Fair. Right off the bat, they listened to our frustration with other companies, and sent out a really good salesman and the owner of the company. When we met with them, they offered us multiple options to pay for the windows and ended up getting us a 3 year 0% interest payment plan. My wife and I were planning on paying for everything up front, but we couldn’t say no to free money. The estimate was not the cheapest estimate we got, but it was not the most expensive by far. They came 3 times to make sure that the measurements and opening styles were correct and had everything delivered. They then called and gave me updates as we waited for the windows and scheduled install dates with me when they knew we would have them. The entire process took about 6 weeks from estimate to install. The installers were AMAZING. Marco (the installer) was professional worked hard and went above and beyond to make sure the house and trim looked and fit perfectly. Last night the owner (JR) came over to the house again to make sure everything was perfect and is sending Marco back out to add some molding that will make a superficial aesthetic improvement. These guys are AMAZING! It the second house that I’ve had windows done at. These guys were mindful of the house, my belongings and installed all the windows while my little dog ran around the house and took care of her when I left her and ran some errands. The only issue was that they took a day longer they thought the installation would take, but considering they had to build scaffolding and do a lot more wood work than expected, I appreciated them doing the work right and taking a bit longer, than throwing it in and leaving. GREAT LOCAL COMPANY, WELL PRICED, and FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Daniel C. of Glendora, CA
Thursday, June 28th
This was a great experience from start to finish. We initially intended to do only 6 windows (across the front of the house) and wait to do the rest. But we were impressed with the quality of the products we were shown and by the honesty and professionalism of JR, and eventually decided to do everything that needed replacing. He even helped us set up a low-cost financing plan that took a lot of the pain out of the transaction. I want to emphasize here that there was NO high-pressure sales pitch that pushed us in that direction, quite the opposite. Maybe JR is the master of sales judo. The job was done on the schedule promised, and went very smoothly. The French door was a custom job, as the original was not any kind of standard size. in addition, we wanted a pet door in one half, as there wasn’t any other place to put it on the back wall of the house because of all the glass. He worked with us on the design to get something that was practical and aesthetically pleasing. After the job we found a few issues (the pet door wouldn’t open due to it being recessed in the door panel, a door knob passed too close to the other door for finger clearance, a couple of caulks were only roughly finished). Plus we didn’t quite like how the appearance of one of the doors came out (completely our fault for not visualizing it very well beforehand). JR promptly took back the door and changed everything to our liking with zero extra charge, even the things that weren’t his fault. His goal was to make us happy, and he succeeded. I can’t recommend Clear Choice highly enough. I have worked with three other window and door contractors in the past and have NEVER been happy afterwards until Clear Choice. The price is probably not the cheapest you will find, but it is not on the high side either. And the value for cost is huge.
William B. of Pasadena, CA
Thursday, June 28th
Finally Decided to upgrade the windows in the new house.  I had JR over to walk through the cost and windows that we would have installed.  It was a great experience and he told me about the HERO program that made replacing the windows a No Brainer.  When the technicians were at the house replacing the windows they were very professional. They replaced them all and left them looking perfect and cleaned up after themselves.  The difference in the house is amazing, with no noise and temperature stay the same and it is easier on the A/C to maintain temps. We are happy with the whole experience. Thank You Clear Choice!
Bryan B. of Whittier, CA
Thursday, June 28th
After having a nightmare experience with a bathroom remodel several years ago (a 3 week job took almost 6 months) we were a little leery to try any new home repairs but our 50 year plus windows needed replacement so we went looking for estimates. We ventured off to the Anaheim Home and Garden show to look around where we found the Clear Choice Windows and Doors people and asked some questions. We spoke with Billy, a super enthusiastic guy who answered all of our questions and then some. What I liked about this guy is that when we walked up to him he was standing there greeting people and not passing the time on his cell phone. Anyways, we set up an appointment to met with a salesman at our home and we reiterated that we only wanted an estimate, no commitments at all. They were fine with that. We had JR show up at our home a couple of weeks later who does all the home estimates for Clear Choice and also happens to be the owner, a real nice guy. He went through the sales pitch and answered all of our questions, did not blue sky us, and explained the type and quality of the windows and talked about the financing part. He sold us. After he left, we got a little worried, wondering if we rushed in to this. We did some research and did not see anything on line to concern us. Window installation day and we get a phone call saying they might be a little late due to traffic. They showed up about 10 minutes later, in a brand new truck, which I liked. I was glad they didn’t have some beat up old truck as the company vehicle. The crew of 2 was Francisco, the boss man and Garret, the number 2. Garret, a young guy in his early 20’s came up and shook my hand, introduced himself and Francisco, walked around the house to double check everything and went to work. I was extremely happy with their work. The windows they had to remove were old school, built to last, so it kind of kicked their butt in removing them. They made very little mess, took great care to cover everything and what mess they did make was cleaned up immediately. What really impressed me is that they were there to work, took care of business and not once did I see either one of them pull out a cell phone to check whatever. A rare sight these days. So it took them 2 days to remove and replace everything, which was the plan. Every window in the house, plus a great big slider were replaced and the end result was fantastic. The wife and I were more than happy with the outcome and would not hesitate for a second to recommend them to anybody and everybody. I forgot to mention that we had people from Clear Choice windows show up 3 times to measure, remeasure and triple check the numbers to make sure everything was correct. So to recap, spoke with window guy, window guy rep shows up, makes us happy, window install crew shows up and 2 days later everybody is happy.
Raul B. of Garden Grove, CA
Thursday, June 28th
We met Billy from Clear Choice at the Anaheim Home and Garden Show and were really impressed with the windows. We told him we were just looking and would like a quote but did not want a high pressure sell. He said we would not have to worry about that and set us up for an appointment. JR was the sales rep who was punctual and we found out the owner of the company. He sat down and listened to our requests and concerns on price and then went and measured. He spent the time going over all the numbers with us and gave a great discount. Because we had talked to other window companies we decided to move forward. I did do my due diligence after signing the contract checking his license and reviews regarding the company. The windows were measured on three separate occasions to make sure there would be no errors the day of the install. The installers called (Francisco and Garrett) to say they were going to be a few minutes late due to traffic however once arriving they worked non stop. They were very clean and meticulous and the first day of the job got the front of the house complete. The second day they completed the back portion of the house, cleaned all of the windows and did a final walk through with me. They left no mess, everything was cleaned up and removed. The windows are beautiful and have really changed the look of our home. From first meeting Billy to the end with the installers we were very pleased. We have had a bad experience in the past with contractors and went into this very leery but could not be more pleased. If you are looking for windows this is company to talk to.
Angela B. of Garden Grove, CA
Thursday, June 28th
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